Aleksandr Skorobogatyi

Website of developer. Developing web applications in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, MongoDB, NodeJS, ReactJS and React Native. Configuring servers on unix-like operating systems.

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Hello, dear visitor of my website!

My name is Alexander! I develop web applications in various areas, fullstack development. Fullstack is the complete direction of creating web applications, both backend and frontend. To date, the creation of a website will not surprise anyone, and I am actively developing in the direction of creating mobile applications.

My experience in writing services of social networking Vkontakte shows that interest in mobile platforms is only growing. Today, in order to find information on the Internet, or order a taxi or pizza, it is enough to take a smartphone and do it. But mobile applications also need to write a large number of lines of code, and sometimes more than when developing websites.

But one code is not enough. You need to be able to configure the server. Understand how the request will be processed, and is it safe? Are your passwords encrypted to prevent them from being stolen? Is your order sent via email in an online store? And is the web server properly configured? I also do server setup operation system Linux. Configuration a web server, VPS, personal VPN, mail server and more. If you need a web application or set up a server, you can contact me through the contacts on this site!


Building site templates according to your layouts. Adaptive layout for different platforms. Using Bootstrap framework and ReactJS library.


Building the server part of the site. The use of MySQL databases. Programming both in pure PHP and using Laravel framework.


Setting up servers on the Linux operating system. Postfix and Dovecot mail servers. VPS (VDS) servers, LAMP, VPN and more.


Labor Department of Pavlodar region

Official resource of the state institution. The site is made in pure PHP, without the use of frameworks.
LAMP server. Postfix mail server and Dovecot

Configured VPS server. LAMP, CRON-task, FTP, SSH, Postfix mail server, Dovecot and other components.

Online-school HEDU

Educational portal, online courses. The site is made using Websocket, AngularJS, JQuery, and various server libraries.
Hedu Vkontakte application

VK service for online learning. The application is made on ReactJS and using API of Vkontakte social network.
ISS online Vkontakte application

VK service, online translation from international space station. The application is made on ReactJS and using API of Vkontakte social network.
Memes Vkontakte application

Entertainment service VK with the content of the best memes published by users. The application is made on ReactJS using the vk-connect component.